Welcome to East Texas WiFi

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East Texas WiFi provides high speed wireless internet and associated services. We have been serving the Van Zandt County area for 16 Years.
Our commitment is to YOU the customer in providing the best in service and technical support that our customers have come to expect over the past 16 years.
We will be expanding service to most areas of Van Zandt County as demand and feasibility dictate. Service to your location depends on many factors, that is why we would ask you to click on the link for “service request” – fill out the form and submit it to us to schedule a site survey to determine if we can supply service to you. Our work and service is guaranteed – 30 day money back guarantee !!

If you are not satisfied with your current provider with respect to service or being able to get in touch with a “live” person for technical support, general questions or just getting a return phone call – we would love to have a chance at becoming your internet provider. Even if you have to leave us a message – our goal is a return calls within 2 hours. All of our equipment and systems are monitored 24 hours a day.
We are even offering a special to potential customers looking to make a move from their current high speed internet provider – just show us a copy of your most recent invoice from a competitor, sign-up with us and YOUR FIRST MONTH’S SERVICE IS FREE.

The speed you experience in downloading files or browsing web sites is determined by the slowest elements between your PC or network and the network or server you are trying to reach. You should be aware that the Internet is a series of networks. There are many paths between any two points. Some paths are slower or more heavily used than others – and that can affect performance. In addition, the servers running Web sites may at any time be undersized or overloaded with visitors. This reduces the responsiveness of the server to your requests. While we can provide a certain level of bandwidth to your business, the actual performance you will experience navigating the Internet, browsing Web sites, or downloading files is largely out of our (or anyone else’s) control.